Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka MN

Nine DN's sailed nine races Saturday on Lake Minnetonka, launching out of Tonka Bay and remain setup to sail today.

Directions to launch site, From Co 19, East on Tonka Bay Rd, to West Point Rd, (should be ~ 3rd left )N on Westpoint Rd to water, park.

Launch site maps:

yahoo map

tiger map

One Duck hole hazard has been marked, a 3/4 mile course was set up and 9 races were sailed. Ice is reported to be in the 3" range, clear hard & fast. As it's lake Minnetonka.

Think Ice

a dozen on sunday

we had a dozen boats out on sunday. Wind was 10-13kts, We must have raced 8-10 races. There was a mile long course setup on nice ice with a slight pebble surface. I had a gps with me and registered two races with a max speed of 50.1mpg and 50.0mph and i wasn't the fastest

It was a great day and it was really cool to see so many boats out having fun.

now i hear the inter-city lakes are ready. Mid-week lake-calhoun anyone?

Tonka Bay ice

Mark forgot to say, it was 2-3 inches of almost perfect black ice. Only one hole noted, but marked with a few orange cones. It may not last long based on forcast next week. May even veture out to main lake today. It all looks solid!

Mike Miller