New Year's Day

Forecast = "Howling Winds"

Yeah baby!

Who's in for Tonka in front of Harry's and MYC?

Anyone have the goodies for setting up some races?

Saturday wind and temps perfect

So where is there room to set up a 1 mile course?
That would be safe for all involved.
It would be nice to post a meeting location on Friday so when the wind gets here Sat morning we are ready to rumble.
How about Spring Park Bay if main lake has too many hazards?

Fire Lane next to Harry Allen's House

I sailed all around Cottagewood on Thursday and the conditions are great. There's no problem setting up a 1 mile course around there. On top of that, there's already about 15 boats set up at the Fire Lane / Harry's house and another 20 or so around that shoreline. No way am I packing up to go elsewhere.

Just don't sail near Diamond Reef or into the Main Lake and you're fine.

It's not a huge area but it's plenty big enough and the ice is perfect.

You can rip down to Excelsior too, just cross through the slot between Cottagewood and Excelsior on the SHORE side (nowhere near Big Island). On "Strothman's Seam", the ice is very thick near shore. Bumpy but thick. If you look, you'll see a stick with a bright orange streamer I planted near the worst part. Cross on the SHORE side of that stick to cross over.

I wrote a detailed report of ice conditions on Thursday Dec 29th here:

spring park Saturday?

I'm in for an early start. I did see two DNs sailing Spring Park on Wednesday, but have no scouting report.


Where is the launch point?

See you there.

After reading Meyer's post

After reading Meyer's post in the "Hazards" thread I see that the Minnetonka main lake is toast for now??

It was perfect on Tuesday the 27th from MYC to Big Island as long as you stayed close to Cottagewood.

Would be glad for more info about where it's ok to sail on the main lake.

On Tuesday, it was great in "The Slot" from Excelsior up to "Strothman's Seam", just stay away from the Western point between Gideon's Bay and Gail's Island. I'll try to check that area today.


MAIN part of lake is bad

from harrys to northshore club ok except for crack at strothman.

ya xxxxx