Saturday? Got the word. It be --- Harry's.

8:30 AM and where are we racing DN's?

Looks like today until 3PM is it for the weekend, unless you want to sail in 40MPH!
I am packing my DN from the home ice on West Arm right now and plan to travel to Spring Park, Harry's, or Shorewood YC. I and many othere DN's want to have scrub races somewhere. Based on Geoff's detailed report of hazards it looks like an obstacle course out there. Is there a safe place to set a mile course by Gale's island? DR or JD bringing marks to which location?

Harry's Fire Lane

I recommend setting up here because there's already about 15 boats set up there, and the ice is good all around the setup zone.

I believe this will provide a bigger sailing area than Spring Park or West Arm.

I hope you can bring the goodies for setting up some races.

I wrote a detailed report of ice conditions on Thursday Dec 29th here:

Early Saturday

Spring Park is good for me. Dont know much about the ice sheet. I would be setting up at casco pt. The weather in the afternoon is forecasted to be windy and wet.