Bald Eagle

Racing scheduled to start at 1 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Very good ice now. Only weak spots are right next to the Island at the points. The public launch on the east side works well for trailers or you can carry in at Reeds on the west side near H2. Often the courses are lopsided due to the island but that actually adds some wrinkles in the racing strategy. Good group of guys who know how to have a good time. Mainly Dns and Nites but we have Skeeters and Opti's mixed in.We even have a Klingon Warship that cruises the perimeter. Bring whatever you got


st49 winged boat Klingon WARSHIP!!! Thanks guys.

st49 winged boat

Thats not the Klingon

Thats not the Klingon warship! The Klingon Warship seems to lurk around the east side of the island,ready to pick off any lost DN's or Nites or even the st49 if you put it back on the ice. You are warned.

What a blast !

We sailed two races Saturday. No sailing Sunday due to high winds. Monday there were no races, but a total of 6 boats were out sailing. The rain-snow-wind resulted in making the ice significantly rougher. There is now about 50% coverage of 1/2" of crusty snow. It really didn't seem to slow us down much today. Although not as epic as it was, it is still good ice. The seams off of both ends of the island continue to be open and thin. Other than that, the entire lake is very safe. We have now been sailing Bald Eagle continously for a month. More to come !!