Bald Eagle Lake - 1/7 - 1/8

I'm heading back to Bald Eagle Lake in White Bear this weekend. If there are any other sailors who didn't go the Western Regionals, Bald Eagle promises to be great ice with a great bunch of guys. The ice is solid except for the seams coming out from both ends of the island. Mostly Nites, some DN's, a couple of Skeeters.


Shot the wad on Wed. Salt mining today and Fri.

knee deep in the Hoopla

thinkin about playin hooky

thinkin about playin hooky Wed. who,s in?

knee deep in the Hoopla

I'm looking at some tune up

I'm looking at some tune up time Friday afternoon, any one else going out?

Count me in

st49 winged boat Sounds like epic winds. Does anyone have a pulse on the ice? I'm thinking south end only. Are there hazards south of the island? Let us know. Conrad

st49 winged boat


should be good, but i'll be in the salt mines til friday

Not much wind :(

Saturday morning we had a little wind, but not enough for much more than reaching. 3 boats out. Looks like no wind for tomorrow.

go early

I'm goin out early. winds to die throughout the day.

knee deep in the Hoopla