racing canceled for sunday due to predicted high winds

try out of harrys at noon monday. 15 degrees and blowing 15 from NW is predicted. see what we have after the snow. hopefully it sinks into the water on the ice. main lake could be safe/boatable with the cold. anyone have a better idea or location? dr, how about spring park? there is a rumor you and jd are looking for regatta ice. meyer

also same hole still there north of big island

marked on north side of it with red cone. also a seam running southeast of hole, so stay southeast of the cone.

ya xxxxx

great sailing on monday

little cold but wind subsided in afternoon. nw wind, sailed from myc island to brackets point numerous times till my arms fell off and feet got cold. all seams closed and no holes. snow ice but smooth, not rumbly. what a ride! can't have regatta on minnetonka though, so green lake in spicer being sailed by miller and I wed. dr checked it out today and said it looks good. waconia had holes. meyer

ya xxxxx

Tonka main lake: open water

Be Warned: Open water as of tonight (1/02/2012) in Smiths Bay just west of the tip of Brackett's point.

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