sailing out of harry's monday, 1/9

now noon, over there at 2 pm. rest of week not as good. meyer, miller and kennedy are sailing - anyone else?? or are you all sick of sailing or working. then see what we have for fri/sat/sun. flyer

Tonka Ice conditions

4 of us were out on Tonka Mon afternoon in 45F, sunshine and a dying 10-12 wind. Ice was slow and noisy. Probably the worst of the season! Only open areas we spotted was the Diamond reef area by Big Island. It was still large with a skim coat of thin ice. It is not marked!! The orange cone only marks a large bump in the ice. Tom saw another sketchy area up by Bracketts Pt heave. An icefisherman in the middle of lake reported 8 inches of ice. All the seams and heaves could be a problem, but the main area provided a lot of sailing space. Maybe the warm temps today followed by cold will improve the ice.
We did not go to Excelsior via the Strothman seam.

Not too sore and tired.

After 3 days in a row, why not one more while we have wind, sunshine, warmth and ice!
You never know when it will end.