Mtka ice?

The lake looks fast with the snow melted and nice winds on Sunday. I did not see any action Saturday. Has the ice weakened? Is anybody going out Sunday before the Vikings? If so let me know where.

six dn's and two nites plus icesurfers..

The ice on minnetonka is great. Good smooth ice from excelsior to wayzata. We had a blast on sunday with the wind around 22-26kts.

We weren't organized to get any races off, but we had a blast cruising on the whole lake. The wind was ripping straight down the lake so we had long upwind/downwind legs.

I loaned Andy on the antique road show the gps and he got his boat up to 60.8mph. I wasn't able to better that speed just going upwind and downwind, all thou I did hit 59.4 just going downwind. I had to try a few power reaches and I finally hit 61.6mph.

The lake is perfect and i wonder what it would take to host the western regions on lake minnetonka? anybody know anything about permits and if we need them how do we get one?



As good as Minnetonka is,... If the regatta needs to come to Minnesota, we'll probably be better served in Buffalo, Waconia, or Peppin... permit and housing issues are challenging on Minnetonka.

We can ask the Nite guys about the permit process if Mtka is to be a discussion item...



Dealing with the Hennipen County Sheriff is difficult. Their viewpoint is, How can you issue a permit to something that doesn't have license and registration.

If you want to hold it on Mtka, I suggest talking to Bert Foster, LMCD Chairman. He as worked out permits for the kiting guys a few years ago. Understand that this is a process that requires time, making it difficult for Ice Boating events.

Terry Foster
Nite 285
The Big Banana

Re: Mtka ice

I just sailed West Arm for 20 minutes. Conditions are smooth to rough with some standing water spots. Wind is 15-20 mph with some nasty gusts. It is fast and wild.

Mike Miller

sailed on Lake Lillian this afternoon

I have a "homebrew" ice boat. Lake Lillian is about 90 miles west of Mpls. on Hwy 7.

The wind was a bit gusty but I had a blast :).

The ice has refroze here, so it was not to bad.

What kind of boat do you sail mike?