lake minnetonka -after fresh snow

Two of us went out for a great ride on monday afternoon. We went all the way from excelsior to wayzata and then over the pressure ridge, which you could barely see because of the snow, and did a loop on the main lake. It was really surreal, with the rose colored goggles, sun setting, perfect ice with a light covering of fresh snow and the half moon in the sky. We had about 8-12kts of breeze. It was also nice because there wasn't anybody else out on the lake. a great day.

Minnetonka, after snow reprise

Five DN's sailed most of Lake Minnetonka Tuesday afternoon. Enjoying warp speed sailing on near perfect ice with a light fluffy snow covering the lake... average depth ~ 3/8" offering no resistance to runners. The sun broke from the clowd cover in time to offer a perfect sunset cruise. The half moon may provide enough light for a late sail.

It's supposed to blow hats & horns tonight... perhaps it will drift up the powder and compel plate runners tomorrow.

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