Pepin Ice

Little better than 4" of clear ice at Pepin on Wednesday. Some rough ice further out in the lake but still appears sailable. Landing at Pepin is fine and will hold a trailer. Got the Comet and skeeter on and hope to see a few more boats by this weekend.

Lake Pepin Ice 1.13.12

Lake Pepin Ice by Lake City, MN is in perfect shape with no snow cover. Today we had a 8 Kts of NW Wind with gusts to 12. The ice is very smooth with few pressure ridges. It was a wonderful day to ice boat. Happy New Year! Mark Nichols.

Ice at Pepin was a bit rough

Ice at Pepin was a bit rough but still mighty fine for the skeeter on Sunday. Few light ridges but nothing to get excited about.


Looks like about three inches of fluffy white last night.


I will shoot for Saturday at Pepin.
I have never done this before and have a DN I bult myself. DN5466. I still have your clamps and book Ed.

Gentle John

Pepin Ice - Thursday Update

Just took a drive around Pepin and measured 6.5 inches north of Lake City, MN (landing near Hok-ski-la) and the same at Pepin, WI. Saw the Comet, White Horses, and Bill on the ice ready to go. Nice smooth black ice ...a near perfect 10.

The big question is how much snow for tonight....the current forecast is about an inch with maybe 10 mph winds