Flying with Bald Eagles

(click on to see picture and full version) A total of 11 Nites battled it out on Bald Eagle Lake this weekend. The ice is in top condition, except for hitting ice junk, including a rock and a license plate laying on the ice. Sailed three races on Saturday in very high winds, and there was a surprisingly very low amount of carnage, which is a credit to the durability of the Nite class. Sunday brought much lighter winds, about 10 MPH, and we got in three races around a 1 mile course. It seems like the entire fleet is generally getting faster and more competitive, and the boats are grouped much tighter together with many more changes at the front of the pack. I broke the boom on the Skeeter on Sunday, so sailing a borrowed Nite really reminded me how fun the one-design class really is. It’s always a great time with the BEIYC (Bald Eagle Ice Yacht Club), and the heated clubhouse really came in handy with the 5-10 F temperature on Sunday. New sailors are always welcome, so come on out!
Bald Eagle Lake on 1/12/13

The best place to launch now

The best place to launch now is the east public access. Just drive on and unload. The access you talked about would work fine but you need to unload your equipment amd move your car a bit. Some people keep their boat on the west side but we are trying to limit the boats at that house to keep the locals happy. We are a casual group that doesn't start the races befor 1:00 on weekends if conditions permit. Drop by This Saturday, hopefully we will have some great racing again.

What is the story on Bald

What is the story on Bald Eagle Lake? Looks like several boats set up on the west side of the lake by somebody's house. There is access just north of there but no parking signs all around. Who is the BEIYC? And any other information would be helpful.