Central MN

I don't know if anyone is around the St Cloud area besides me, but, I am heading to Grand Lake near Rockville tomorrow to give it a try. Probably be there late morning at the public access. This evening, about 3/4" crunchy/slushy on top. Middle of the lake doesn't get fished much and looks to me that there are at least a few clear paths that shouldn't be too bumpy.

I looked at Buffalo Lake on Friday and appeared to have shell ice and generally looked rough as hell to me. I am a bit of a newbie to spring sailing, but I don't think I'd want to try Buffalo.

Hopefully there is a breeze tomorrow. If not, I'm probably still going to Grand Lake and set up my DN. I built it last summer and it's only moved about 500 feet being pushed across the ice just before the snow arrived. I am sure there are still a few adjustments to be made.

Grand Lake

Finally some wind today. Had a good time on Grand Lake. Surface was a little crunchy but didn't get thrown around at all. Not perfect but very sailable. Have to see what happens with incoming weather but if there is some wind, I'll be back this weekend. Not a huge lake but it can scratch the itch. Check it out.

Central MN

I was at Buffalo late Saturday afternoon. It looked a lot like Tonka. Neither was boatable.
Let us know what you find up north...although, realistically, my season is probably over.