Large Women Sings Familiar Tune

Today’s temperature is forecasted to reach the 70’s. That’s a far cry from the below zero temps we all complained about at the Great Western Challenge! Still, after today, the snow that prevented us from sailing on Tonka since last December will finally be gone.

Unfortunately, even though the snow may be gone, it does not mean we have regatta quality ice. Far from it. I walked out onto Crystal Bay last night and boy was it slushy. The slush is a good 6 to 8 inches deep. And, of course, with warm weather comes the dreaded drain holes.

I am confident that some will take advantage of the spring ice and get one or two more days of tiller time. Harry Allen and John Staciluke sailed Calhoun last weekend. They reported good sailing thanks to their newly crafted slush runners…until the slush got so deep the water went over the top of Harry’s boots.

I am not sure what actually determines the end of the season. Many sailors put their boats away when there is no hope of holding a regatta. Others wait for the "fat lady to sing." For me, there is usually some type of sign. Like last night, when I walked into my shop, turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was a song by Aretha Franklin.

So it's offical. If you have ever seen Aretha Franklin you know my season is over.

Thanks for all the great sailing. Until next year. Think Ice!

Well said.

Well said.