Boatable Ice-Does anyone know anything?

If Flyer602 were here (intead of in Texas!) he would swear we should be sailing Christina this weekend?
Does anyone know anything about the ice up north.

Christina is possible!

I have a report from Harlan, the farmer who lives next to the Pelican access. He said some of Pelican froze Tues eve and has a light dust of minimal snow on top, but still some open areas. He has not walked it. It going to get down to zero tonight with less wind. He is going over to mile mark 26 at Christina on Fri AM to test the ice and call me with a report.
I also have a buddy living in Fergus that is going to do the same around 2PM on Friday with photos. Based on those two reports we may know ice thickness and suitability for a weekend scouting trip.
Stay tuned!

Mike Miller