Ice on Christina and Pelican at Ashby, MN

Harlan reports in from mile mark 26 of Christina at 8:30 AM Friday!
100 yards out, 4 to 4 1/2" of solid ice. Temp at zero and mostly calm and sunny. He walked over a some small chunks of refrozen ice as it was windy when it froze on Tuesday night. No duck holes can be seen. A very light dust of snow, almost like a hoar frost covers the entire lake.
Pelican, where he lives has less ice. He did not walk it. It had some open spots on Thursday, but are likely froze over last night.
Christina sounds good to go for weekend. JD, Dr, Bloom & myself plan to sail either Sat or Sunday. Connect up. The more the merrier!
I may have a photo or two later today from the ice also.

sat pm looks good!!!

too windy on sun?

ya xxxxx