Looking for Contacts

Ice conditions the past few years at Lake Lotawana, MO have been sparse at best. There is no ice on our lake so far, but our winter is approaching. We have a Nite and an Arrow, and are pursuing heading north to sail. Possible lake are Okobogi, White Bear, Madison, WI or wherever in MN or WI. If we have sufficient room we might bring my Dragonfly Ice Sled tool

We would like to sail with the safety and knowledge of others and are asking for contacts.

Any help or advice would be graciously accepted.

Terry Haug cell: 913.406.2700

email: th1799@gmail.com

NW Iowa

After a promising start, Iowa has returned to open water south of the NW corner. I understand that Clear Lake has its usual 13-15". Forecast is for a pretty week with sun and light winds in the teens. Web cams show 0-2" of snow. I'm packed and 3 hours south of there, so say something if you're headed that way, especially if 'blustery" enters the weather chatter.


Clear Lake

After viewing all the weather men/women on our local TV stations. We have decided to postpone the journey to WI until better conditions exist. Winter ice/snow are scheduled to arrive in KC tonight and continue until Sunday.

We would definitely consider a trip to Clear Lake as both Partner Eric have raced there.


Terry MC 1799
Eric MC 1798, plus partnership in C Scow and E Scow.

Too cold.

We finally got ice here in SE Iowa, along with 6" of snow. Generally sailing here is on endless variations of refrozen slush during cold spells. Looks like north central MN is comparatively snow free. I've had some wonderful trips up there in years past, whether it's sailing through deep champaign powder or over five foot rock hard drifts. If they just had playas, I'd move north. But at 20 below, I'll just wait.