Any local ice???

Since there is now NO snow in my front yard, my tiny brain tells me there should be good local ice somewhere?
Post what you know about local conditions. Where's da ice? Any possibility of Tonka this weekend?
Bald Eagle is reportedly still snowed out, so I'm assuming White Bear Lake is similar.
I scouted Waconia this afternoon, and found 0" - 2" of very, very hard packed snow, and pretty bumpy. It's a solid 1.0 on the official rating scale. Might be sailable with a DN, slush runners to stay on top of snow areas, and 15 MPH breeze. I wouldn't recommend it unless you know a good dentist.

Pelican lake near Brainerd

Just talked to someone that was fishing on Pelican Lake near Brainerd on 1/19, and he reports the ice is almost snow free. He's not an iceboater, but trustworthy. I pulled up the breezy point resort web cam, and it looks white, but can't really tell from the webcam.

Was up in that area Jan.

Was up in that area Jan. 13-14. To much snow. Webcams don't show depth. Sailed Green lake in Spicer Tuesday. Rough ice with 2-3 hard drifts. Sailed with are 1930' s iceboat. Did not bring a Dn