Minnetonka! But not the Main Lake

I walked the Main Lake of Tonka today from the County Road 15 side. I do not believe the main lake is consistently safe. The depth of the ice varied and there were duck holes, large water spots and pressure cracks. I suggest you say off the main lake.
The ice between Cottagewood and Greenwood, all east of Big Island, appears much better. It has been sailed for the last several days and has received favorable reports. Flyer sailed today and if anyone can find open water it is Flyer (or the Commodore!). Nevertheless, Flyer reports a good of sailing with plates and without incident.
If you sail Tonka on Sat. be sure to scout the ice. The lake recently froze so give the lake the respect it deserves. Even if you think the ice is safe wear your ice picks and NEVER SAIL ALONE.

Good points Bloom!

I sailed my Nite on Tuesday and Friday from Harry's. On Friday's black ice, we stayed mostly east of Big Island. I did sail snow ice south of Gales Island into Echo Bay and Excelsior Bay. A few short heaves, no open seams or issues. It had been sailed prior.
I also ventured to the main lake with 2 other Nites. Went west up to Big Island and north to Northhome shore.
On Friday during the light snow event there were 3 DN's and myself out on the main lake. I never put my Nite more than 1/2 mile west of Big Island, avoiding Bracketts Pt and 15 shore as I had observed open holes a few days after the freeze up. In other words, I am more cautious now!
After last nights -10F, should be no problem anywhere on Tonka other than the temps and 1-2" of hardback!

Mike Miller

Where is Harry's?

Where is Harry's?
And where do you put on for the greenwood area?
I'm just an occasional sailer, not familiar with all the locales



Harry's landing is actually a fire lane in Deephaven. Harry Allen lives right next door. It is just west of the Cottagewood store on Park Place. Park on the street and carry iceboats about 30 yards to the lake.

Mike Miller

Main lake ice

First it is miler that finds the water Second we sail out of harrys so hwy 15 is anither planet from harrys north ice is safe no crack until one half way across sailed south of that and another crack towards wayzatta And ibeaant day sailing there so plenty big area for course from cot pt north 3/4 mile Meyer/flyer

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Saw Nite and DN within 3/4

Saw Nite and DN within 3/4 mile of County 15 which prompted me to walk out on ice. Sometimes we set up courses on safe ice but people still tend to wander.