Ice for thurs 12/22 and 23

Main lake froze so unless snow blows off need to find a lake that is water sat am to freeze that night or sunday please report such a lake ?pepen Gull green lake spicer millacks???

Rain sun maybe that will get us ice

Main lake not much snow on it or lakecity? Mendota should be good for new yrs plus West reg?

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Waconia conditions

Lake Waconia is mostly snow covered, depth about 2-3" with random clear patches that look pretty rough from slush. Check with In Towne Marina's Facebook page for a short video from Dec 19. With continuing warm daily temps and cold nights, the ice may improve. Ice depths around 4" of black ice. I'll update or take calls at 952-442-4741.

Mendota ice by thurs no snow there wed

Unless something close But looks like road trip to madison for iceboating and giros

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