Lake Waconia

Check In Towne Marina's Facebook page for updates on ice thickness. I live 40 ft. ,above the lake on the southern shore so I am able to see almost the entire lake. After our Christmas rain, no snow remains. Although it froze slushy so is rough. I would be happy to field phone calls at 952-442-4741. I believe the golf course restaurant is closed for the winter, but plenty of warm up locations in St. Bonifacius as well as Waconia. I'm an "old" iceboater from Tawas Bay, Michigan.

Lake Waconia

Thanks for the update. It sounds like the ice on Waconia is similar to what we are finding on Tonka.

Waconia is a long ways away from Tawas Bay, MI. I raced a J22 regatta near Tawas many years ago. I don't recall exactly where we were but it was on Lake Huron. I doubt there are too many Tawas Bays on the great lakes!

We appreciate the eyes on Waconia. Keep in touch.

Lake Waconia, MN/Tawas Bay, Mi

In today's view of Lake Waconia, there are 4 wheelers out across the lake, the facebook post from In Towne Marina has ice depth of 7.5", southwest wind. The ice is not very smooth, but it's ice, and in the inland lakes you take what you can get! Waconia is nearly circular, about 4 miles across with clear air.
Come on out and play!

One of the beauties of Tawas Bay, MI for iceboating is that it opens into Lake Huron. Even if it snows, there are winds that blow that bad ice out into the "big lake" and the Bay will refreeze smooth again. It is a wonderful place to sail summer or winter. 75 miles north of Saginaw.