Local sailing this weekend ??

What is the best bet for sailing this weekend? Unsure how the Monday snow affected the lakes, hope none of it turned into the dreaded styrofoam. Kiters report 2" fell on WBL. I have nothing in my yard in Belle Plaine, so I would be willing to bet Waconia might still be great. Any reports from Tonka? Since no regattas this weekend, any local plans??
Plowing through 5

Tonka was iffy

Walked Upper Tonka in Spring Park and West Bay, plus lower Tonka off of Harry's. Most likely all areas could be sailed in a cruising mode in a bigger boat, but there are several patches of old shell ice filled in with foam in which steering would be very difficult. Racing? I wouldn't.


West Arm Bay

I just took the Nite back to storage. I am rethinking that. Today 10-20 mph and 35F. I will walk it this morning and may run out to Delano to sail it for the day.

Mike Miller

Waconia Saturday 10 am

I drove all around and skated on Waconia this afternoon. It is about the same as last weekend as far as roughness, and I had no issues with the free skate last weekend, so it should be fine for the iceboat. Mostly bare ice with about 30% covered with 1/2" of crusty snow and could still kinda skate through it. I've definitely sailed regattas on worse ice. I give it a solid 4-5 on the ice roughness Richter scale. I'm going to try to sail the Skeeter Saturday, setting up at 10 AM. Drive on at the public launch on the East side on the lake.

The west side of main lake

The west side of main lake along County Rd 15 (Arcola Bridge to Paul's Landing/North Shore Marina) is too rough for DN sailing. It may look good from your car sitting up on the road but walk out about 200 yards and reality will sink in.