Waconia delivers on a high wind day

Waconia 2-4-17 Waconia 2-4-17 view from inside the bubble (click for full report) What's the difference between fun, craziness, and stupidity? Ask someone else, because I have no idea. Today was an awesome high wind day on Waconia. Started out the day by breaking the false halyard rope while raising the sail, which was really a pain to get it fished out. Then proceeded with sailing in 20+ MPH winds, and I hit 80 MPH like nothing. With the rough ice, and sailing alone, speeds like that are not good, so I sat it out for a couple hours. At about 1:45, the wind came down to that magical 15-17 MPH, and I had the perfect setup for a great afternoon of sailing. As the wind came down at about 4 PM, I stopped for a beer in fisherman city with a buddy. A little while later, I suddenly realized the wind has died, the boat is 2 miles away from the launch, and I have a flat-as-a-board sail that is barely 50 ft^2, and a boat full of lead. Luckily the boat decided to move and hit close to 50 MPH back to the launch. Packed up the boat in a record 45 minutes. Not sure if there has ever been a bubble boat on Waconia before, but the high wind day sure did make the 2 mile x 2 mile area seem small. The ice is rough, but certainly fine for any class of iceboat. Don't be deceived by the first 200 yards near shore, because that got screwed up by last weekend's vintage snowmobile parade. The ice fishermen are numerous, but not an obstacle because they are mostly grouped together. Tomorrow's forecast is for light winds changing directions, which usually means dead, so I'm staying home.

That's so awesome!

That's so awesome!

You nailed it!

Same kind of day on West Arm of Tonka on my Nite. Wish I would have clicked on the GPS as it felt like 60. Just a minor headache from the rough ice.

Mike Miller