North Long Lake pictures 12/10/17

Another great day on North Long Lake. The wind was blowing hard in the morning...... Until the Minnetonka crew showed up. Coincidence or nature's conspiracy?? Set race course 90 degrees different than Saturday, and the winds just kept getting lighter. Started packing it up about 1 PM. Pictures:
12/10/17 North Long lake 1 12/10/17 North Long lake 2
12/10/17 North Long lake 3 12/10/17 North Long lake 4
12/10/17 North Long lake 5 12/10/17 North Long lake 6
12/10/17 North Long lake 7

Nice job Pat. Is 4249 Dave

Nice job Pat.
Is 4249 Dave Glick?
I need to speak with you about your procedure to import photos from library to the body of a new posting!
Can you send them to me. I bet there is an inch of new snow on the pond.

Mike Miller

"Gold fleet Glick" changes numbers!!!

Yes, 4249 is Dave Glick, who apparently got official permission to change numbers. Sounds like quite a process. I told him thanks a lot, now we have another number we have to try to burn into our brains!! Dave is incredibly fast, and doesn't give himself enough credit for his knowledge, skills and equipment. In Minnesota, he is usually behind people like Bloom, Doctor, JD, but need to consider who you are comparing yourself to. Dave Glick has advanced so far that in my opinion he would generally be at the front of any club race in Madison, Geneva, Grand Traverse. Very impressive, and I admire his constant conservatism in setup and sailing.

Inserting pictures isn't easy for normal humans, unless you have a brain that works like Jimmy's. He says it's simple:
"[image:node_id align=alignment hspace=n vspace=n border=n size=label width=n height=n nolink=(0|1) class=name style=style-data node=id]"

So here's the secret:
1. First, "create content" and add an image. Make sure to add it to the "library images" folder.
2. Once you save this image, it will then display it. Look at the web address at the top of your browser, and you will see a 4 digit number at the end of the web page address. Write down the number.
3. Then, "create content" again and add a post on ice conditions or regatta results or whatever. Start typing what you want to appear on the home page. When you want to insert a picture into this, then type the following, but I will have to spell it out. Left bracket, then the word "image" , then a colon, then the 4 digit number of the photo, then right bracket.
4. The magical computer interpretes the brackets as containing syntax, and follows the instructions inside the brackets. In this case, it displays an image and the image is identified by the 4 digit node address. The most recent photo I uploaded was node ID 4323

Hope this helps.