12/16 sailing

silver and tonka which froze sun night with no open spots. meyer and miller to scout fri. if tonka bay not safe silvery should be


Rob, Bloom and Dr also Sailing on Tonka!

Mike Miller

3.5 ice and growing. 90% clear. no visable cracksthurs pm

miller and i sailing fri pm. sat plus sun. mon im sailing with best wind. put on at tonka bay beach by marina. wekota beach park. meyer


ps. prob good to harrys. main lake somewhat closed mon but dont believe ready yet

Riley is looking very nice.

Riley is looking very nice. The some snow fell on the glass ice when there were still lots of small open spots, and I thought we were screwed. A bit of rain and water wicking up resulted in a flat, lightly pebbled snow ice over most of the lake. Subsequent light snow is mostly blown off. Will scout thickness today.

John Bushey


Other than one hazard of thin ice right in the middle, looks great.
John, Sam and I drilled a bunch. Mostly 3.5-4” light pebble texture but certainly iceboatable.

Mike Miller

Ice scouting

The wind has opened up some of the main lake based on a drive by scout Wed 4 pm.
Another lake to consider. Lake Cokato about 50 miles west. Based on fisherman reports.

Mike Miller