mon pm. miller kennedy and meyer sailed main lake

rough spot and sm crack out from harrys. otherwise all eastern side of lake good. 6” with one late area 3”. not a 10 but very good. no cracks in this area. didnt go over to west side of lake. making more ice mon night. should be good yet for racing fri sat sun!! meyer

December 11, 2018 - 22:22 —

December 11, 2018 - 22:22 — serdahl
Tonka Main Lake
I skated Mon afternoon by the Mtka Yatch Club, although stayed closer to shore. Chatted with a fisherman (Chris Bennis) who said he had 3.5 inches of ice, at most.... by the Yatch Club, but he knew of many spots nearby where he could punch thru with his chizel, with one punch, so ice depth is variable.....


ice thickness

miller and i drilled several locations out on main lake. no fishermen were out there to talk to. on old ice his 6” drill didnt go thru. on what seemed a last large hole 40’ dia to freeze the ice was 3” thick more icemaking all night rest of week

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sailing. scrub racing 12/15. sat and sun. main lake

weather looks good for next weekend and following as no snow on the forecast. main lake good till 12/23. looking like an iceboat xmass. then you are all excused for xmass merry merry. meyer. PS. we are set up at harrys. ps2: weather report for weekend only gets better. 36deg. 10 tp 15mph!!! SCRUB racing on main lake set for sat and sun. launch site harrys. ps: fri noon sailed main lake. very north area large very smooth late freeze hole. didnt sail on but seems plenty thick ice. also sailed to wayzata and ok to there from main lake

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