Thursday scrub racing on Tonka

Thursday at noon will see a group of iceboaters looking to race again on the new ice South of Bracketts. I drilled 5.5” on Tuesday. We had 2 DN’s, 2 mini skeeters and 2 Nites enjoying the 40 degree sunshine and 8-10 winds. We do not plan to cross the wet heave running North-South from Bracketts to the west tip of Big Island. Solum did cross it, but I got stuck!
Hope the NW winds stay below 15 on Thurs.

scrub racing sun. 12/23

looking good for sun with wind and if all re-froze smooth from thurs night on and rebuilding some ice on late freeze spots. meyer

ya xxxxx

Main Lake

Huge area of great ice out in the middle of Main Lake. It’s getting smoother to get there too.
Multiple Nites, DN’s and Isabella were all out ripping it up near the heave on Thursday in 15-18 winds. I moved my Nite to the Tonka Bay launch justnext to a Tonka Marine. Can back right on. The snow is pretty much gone.
Sunday could be the end of it as snow moving in by Wed eve.

Mike Miller