any ice

dont see anything posted. anybody sail yet?

updates appreciated

any educated guesses on what conditions might exist for next weekend? should we be loading the trailer or the fridge?

baffalo sailed sat 12/7

perfect 4” of ice. more sailing on sun. less wind though

ya xxxxx

Minnesota ice?

This weekends snow storm certainly will wipe out the few frozen lakes we have been sailing and monitoring. We are communicating with our out state scouts Saturday and Sunday. Colder weather is expected Sunday night. Expect an update from JD by 6 PM Sunday.

Mike Miller

Whaletail has ice

3”of ice Saturday on Whaletail. 4 of us were able to race a number of 2 laps on a 1/2 mile course.
Beware of 2 good size open spots to the west and NW of the launch site.

Mike Miller

MN ice

This website doesn’t seem to get used much, due to problems adding photos and videos. Facebook, Minnesota Iceboaters group is where I have seen some sailing. Just yesterday, Dirk Siems posted some nice videos of his DN chasing a Mini Skeeter on Christina, mostly along the shore on great looking 6” ice. He commented that a few holes are still present. If I had known, I would have made the drive. Silver Lake and Whaletail had some brief action, but we have had a week of warm weather, slowing us down.

Mike Miller

Early season?

Thanks for the updates. If I detect a pattern in MN the last few years; it's some sketchy ice, then snow til spring thaw. Too much wet was also a problem for this year's Nevada landsailing, so I'm particularly ready for some hard surface sail time.