sailing sat out of harrys. In memory of DR

wind 10 to 15 sat. lets try main lake and see if any clear spots. i hear from harrys south narrow part isnt too bad. meyer

racing set for sun out of harrys

3/4” snow. no drifts main lake. no hazards. few closed cracks. bring your Ts. 30”. i used soft ss slippers today. south of harrys 4” drifts. i sailed all over main lake. north west side really good meyer

ya xxxxx

racing set for sun out of harrys

I will be there.
US 321

Minnetonka12/20 Main lake is

Main lake is pretty awesome right now.
Very little snow. No drifts. Super smooth ice. Robinson’s Bay to Browns Bay and up to the pressure ridge by Harry’s.
Wayzata bay, Echo Bay, out in front of Excelsior and north to Harry’s drifts are pretty sticky, slow. Go to main lake.