sailing 12/11 and 12

very cold no wind tonight. tonka bay area maybe frozen tue am. so silver or buffalo. but some pos snow fri. who wants to sail?

spring park

bay was frozen there tue am. tonka bay still water but prob frozen wed am. did battle lake freeze mon? no snow up that way fri. road trip sun?

ya xxxxx

ice check silver wed pm

only 2” ice. so marginal no go for thurs. see how much snow it gets fri. ice should be thick enough sat/sun. per dick s report facebook. the call looking like rd trip to battle sat/sun. me prob and miller looking at going for the weekend

ya xxxxx

great western challenge take two

sat and sun battlelake? looking promising. we should make the call thurs night. get ready for a rd trip. update. looks like glick bloom miller rob mimi and me going sat and maybe stay for sun anyone else. getting ice check thurs am to call it on. looks very positive has clear very smooth ice!!

ya xxxxx

north round lake for dn racing this weekend

by gull lake. battle lake also good for those that want to go there

ya xxxxx