Fill up the Tank, Buy your Tickets: Christina Update

Saturday 1:00 CST Lake Christina, Ashby, MN 32d F. Partly Cloudy.

Short Version, Buy your ticket Jorg!

Long Version: Driving up to milepost #8, the launch site on Lake Christina, Jorg Bohn, G737 called to ask if the ice was suitable, and if he would be well advised to buy his ticket to come to the regatta.

The snowfall from yesterdays event appears to be ~ 1/2" deep, covering perhaps 90 percent of the lake, it got plenty wet from the rain that fell intermitently, and didn't blow around much. Alexandria indicated 0.01" of total storm precip, Fergus Falls station indicates No Measurable. We didn't get much, and it shows no water stains tell-tailing holes or cracks.

The ice did not get thicker since yesterday's inspection, indeed it's remarkably softer near shore (squish squish). I measured a fat 1 1/2 inches by drilling a 1/2" hole and measuring with a wire. 20 feet from shore the ice cracked but did not fail under a great stomp, I didn't test with the jump & two foot stomp method. The uncovered areas were a bit pebbled, (bonspiel grade of you curl).

In light of the moderate overnight temp and rain, I would not tempt the fates and sail tomorrow alone.

Driving home the temperature dropped 8 degrees F in the 15 miles between Ashby and Fergus Falls. It's getting cold, the sun came out big about noon today.

Forecast is very favorable, look up weather for: Ashby, MN We don't anticipate anymore snow, we'll be putting on several inches of ice.

Conclusion: THE REGATTA IS ON!!!, HotLaps starting next Friday Dec 3, ALL MANNER OF FUN TO FOLLOW, Lake Christina, Ashby, MN (map and directions to launch site are, I believe, posted elsewhere on this site) it's Milepost # 8, Minnesota Highway 78, (that's EXACTLY 8.0 miles North of I 94 for you city boys).

Think Ice


Lodging suggestions?

I cant't wait to get up there!

What is/are good places to stay?


Geoff S.


Sunday appears to be in question is that correct? If so, I am pumped for next week!