Christina, She's Back!

Ashby MN,

I briefly walked on both the north arm of Pelican Lake and on Lake Christina in the Ashby MN area this morning.

Observations: Local temp 28 F, First Snow last night, ~ 1/4".

ashby, mnPelican's main body is over 60% frozen, the customary very early fish houses in the gap between the main lake and the north arm are not yet there, (they generally appear the same day we do) The north arm where we sailed last fall is substantially frozen, the same three holes on the west end are visible, water stains show the cracks along the north shore along the highway. The lake is 20% snow covered in 1/4 - 1/2" drifts that will not be noticible when sailing.

Christina's sailing area is 100% frozen, the ground is not yet frozen and the edges are soft. Again here, the snow cover on the entire lake speckling the ice like the side of a Northern Pike. Uniform 1/4 - 1/2" drifts covering about 20% of the ice, no water stains appear in the snow, no cracks or open water are visible.

The ice at both is optically clear and very smooth, (Ashby Resort on Pelican, and Milepost 8 on Christina) bearing my weight, cracking under a good stomp but not failing. It appears to be 1 1/4" or so thick, there may be a more, but that's as deep as the cracks appeared.

Our local forecast for the next 48 hours, we'll continue making ice, there's some risk of additional snow over the next 24 hours, but it appears to be staying north of the site right now.

christinaTomorrow may warrant examination under sail, Sunday ought to be a "pretty good bet" for a great fall sail. If I were free to sail, my choice would be Christina, the way she froze she wants to dance with all the boys, I alas, cannot dally with her this week. Either the north arm of Pelican or Christina ought to be fine.

I expect there will be boatable ice choices available for the Western Challenge Regatta.

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Christina Update

Saturday Morning, update

The precipitation has passed thru leaving the area (Fergus Falls) with a couple dustings of snow, nothing significant. I expect the snowfall we've recieved so far will not impact iceboating

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picture of last year at ashby, mn

From the photo gallery, (in case you missed it) a picture of launching on nov 9th, 2003, ashby, mn

that's almost 20 days earlier then this year.. (if someone goes sailing tomorrow)..

nice job on the ice report

thanks for the detailed ice report... they are crucial.

Here's a map to ashby, mn.. the area that 4695 is talking about..

yahoo map of ashby, mn

and driving directions from minneapolis, about 150 miles west on 94 from minneapolis.

Anybody heading up there tomorrow to check it out?

Thanks for the updates!

Thanks for the updates!

Sounds like it's time to start packing the car for road-trip next week.


Geoff Sobering

Ice Report Info

Can someone post how much ice is on this lake, and has it been sailed as of today 11/30/04. The forcast for Dec 4/5 is 40+ degrees. Is there enough ice to have this regatta. Please upate with the latest info. A lot of sailers are currently making plans on attending and would appreciate an update on the ice conditions.