Well... How was Swede Lake you lucky bastards?

Wind looked nice. How was the ice?

Spring Park Bay was great.

I don't know about Swede, but we had a great time ripping around spring park bay. Ice was perfect 4" very hard, fresh wind with strong puffs..

three dn's, 1 nite, 1 thunder, and half-dozen ice-surfer rigs ripping along..

not too much problem with the dn's going windward/leeward and the ice-surfers reaching..

SteveK and me got in 2 or three match races before steve's mainsheet got hung up behind the boom.. we called it a day after steve did his 520 penelty turn in under 1sec, mandadated by the mainsheet problem..

went to Swede - nobody was th

went to Swede - nobody was there.

that's the last time i trust the internet.

sms messaging...

we need some sort of sms text->phone system for early morning and on-site reports..