Lake Christina Ice Report

Lake Christina, Ashby, MN 10:17 am local time

Driving North on MN 78, Pelican Lake shows plenty of open water on the main lake. There are 2 fish houses on the ice in the gap between the North arm and the Main Lake.

Mile Post 8, the Lake Christina Launch Site. The lake is completely frozen, there are no visible open spots, no migratory wildlife on the ice, and no visible cracks or heaves.

Drilling holes with the bit set at exactly 3", 10 holes drilled, walking out 100 yeards, No water found, all dry holes. Estimated ice thickness to be a total of 4 1/2 to 5"

The snow drifts remain, and are 1/4 - 1/2" deep and of moderate density, it may request thin runners but the drifts are thin enought that it may not slow at all except in drifting conditions.

Sam's personal assessment, "I'm pretty sure it's the best ice in North America, well it's really good, they're going to love it".

US 5555 via phone

right on...

that sounds pretty good... and the weather report looks promising too..

Ashby, Mn :: The Weather Underground

20's at night
35 during the day
low percentage of flurries
no fronts on the horizon..

see ya on friday..