Nites, Sunday (the 26th) , Minnetonka?

Sunday's forecast is temps in the 30's, and no Vikings game. Looking for some racing. Spring Park Bay is great, but can set up anywhere. Who's in?

Nite 559

sailing this weekend

I put the nite on the upper lake at my parents house and the Dn on at my house so I'm kinda committed to sailing on Spring Park Bay. There are others set up around the bay. A drift free area is desirable as the drifts are very hard. You go over them not through them. Be carful there are some big ones. Looks like Sunday will be a nice day. If the wind is up we'll be giving the kids a ride in the nite on Christmas. I think thats how all of this started for me.
JD US4691

JD US4691

sailing sat and sunday

makham coming up for sunday, plan on sailing then spring park. tom meyer


Wind be willing - see ya Sunday

Sailing this Weekend

I'll be setup in Gideons Bay (House) If anyone set's up on the lower lake, stop by. The big bananna (Us 285) will be out giving rides.


Christmas rides

Great. I'll see you out there. I'll be taking my kids and nephews on "Cow Rides" Christmas afternoon.
Nite 559