Syracuse Lake, Syracuse Indiana (12/22/04) - Dated for Spammers!

Just checked Syracuse Lake, 3rd day since freeze.
2-1/2" of mirror smooth, clear, NO SNOW, ice.
Cold temp tonight should bring ice up to specs.
Looking for nearby iceboaters to sail with soon,
before the s-stuff messes things up. Skimmer skates
are razor-sharp-ready, though frame paint went bad.
"Wet Paint" DN (aka "Black Ice" last season) has:
New paint, updated sail, softer plank & springy front chock.
Refinished wooden mast w/ new stainless collar,
reworked boom w/ new jaws. All new blocks last season.
Braided mainsheet still in good shape. Let's Sail!
Happy Holidays! (Seed Ice Crystals: * * * * * * *)
Scott C

Syracuse Lake 6 Hours Later...

5" of snow hit overnight.
Haven't been down to check things out this a.m.
Rick Lemberg Sr. reported Wawasee was still
fluid last night, so it may be choice sailing once
this storm clears and the wind dies long enough
for it to freeze over (again).
Happy Holidays! - Thinking Ice...
Scott C

Syracuse Lake, Indiana Not So Bad - 12/24/2004

Snowy yes, but powder. NOT crusty, crunchy crap.
Sailed 2 hours this afternoon, tried out soft plank.
Might be too soft for snow, as I left many a print
of the center of the plank and attaching bolts in
3-4" drifts. Light wind, but still rode out a few hikes.
Looking for company Sunday. Mostly (95%) Very Smooth Ice.

Come into Syracuse, turn East at Fire station (Henry St.)
Go 1, 2 or 3 blocks, turn South (right). Go 1 block.
Turn left onto John St., head toward lake, unload, sail.

Not known to be politically correct:
Merry Christmas! Happy Ice!
Scott C

Notes: No wind Sunday 12/26.
4" smooth, snow covered ice.
Pushed boat 2-1/2 miles.
May try w/stiffer plank this afternoon (12/27)