Lake Pepin was a great host to the 2005 Western Regions

Lake City, Mn
Lake Pepin, Mississippi River

harvested from iceboat.orgIt was a great location on a huge sheet of ice nestled in the Mississippi river basin. There is a long history of iceboating on Lake Pepin so it had a great feel to it and there are large bluffs on both sides that make for nice scenery. The bluffs also effect the wind.

The race committee did a great job setting up the course, promptly moving the mark when the wind shifted on Saturday, and efficiently scored all the races. All the racers really appreciated their effort.

We had 21 boats in the gold fleet and 17 boats in the silver fleet.

Saturday, Jan 8th 2005
wind 3-7kts sw. 19F/85% humidity
The ice had about 1" of snow. The snow was just below the body of a T-runner. Because the snow was light and puffy it didn't slow you down. The ice under the snow was hard. the ice was smooth with scattered bumps. a few bumps were pretty jarring.

3 races for the both gold and silver fleet were raced. racing started around 11:30. All races were 3 laps.

before racing started there was a serious collision. It was an unfortunate accident that happened to experienced iceboaters and could happen to anybody. It just reinforces that you really have to be assertive at all times to minimize accidents. One of the skippers had to be evacuated off of the ice and had to have surgery on his broken leg. I know we all feel for both skippers involved.

Markham ChattertonIn the gold fleet Markham Chatterton (us4811) was flying on 30" inserts and got 1 bullet and some top three finishes. Mark Christensen (us4824) and John Dennis (us4691) and Wendell Sherry (us45) were also in the hunt.

in the silver fleet Jane Pegel (us805) had a great day with at least one bullet and top finishes. She was way out in front of the fleet in one race by speed and avoiding the dreaded right side hole that sucked you in.. John Loomis (4923), Jim Gluek (4257), Hal Bowman (1277) all were fighting for the top spots as well.

We got off the ice at around 4:00Pm, and I think everybody was pretty chilled by that time and was happy to have gotten in the races with the little wind we had. But I don't think we really had any running races. There were some real light air racing, but i believe everybody could make way in the conditions. Maybe you had to get out and run after a bad jibe, or right at the finish.. but that wasn't the norm.

Sunday, Jan 9th 2005
more of the same.
wind 5-10kts ssw, warmer 28F.

The snow had stiffened just a bit, but really it still wasn't too much of a hindrance.

4 races for the both gold and silver fleet were raced. racing started uneventfully at a round 10:00am. We finished around 1:00Pm. All races were 3 laps.

The wind was up and down, so some races you had good breeze and some races the wind was very light. Not quite running but close for a couple of the races (or maybe that's was just me).

In the gold fleet Mark Christensen (us4824), Markham Chatterton (us4811) were duking it out for the title, while the usual suspects John Davenport (4961), Rob Evans (us4975), Mark Isabel (5014), and John Dennis (us4691) all had some top finishes.

In the silver fleet John Loomis (4923) had the pedal down and was leading the fleet for most of the races. Jim Gluek (4257), Hal Bowman (1277) Jane Pegel (us805), and Mark Keefer (4695) were on 4923's heels.

In the gold Markham Chatterton (us4811) wins the title on a tie with Mark Christensen.

In the silver fleet the Silver Skate goes to John Loomis (4923).

This is all from my memory so if i got the particulars wrong,.. don't be offended, and feel free to post a comment and correct me.

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jim mcdonagh

Lake Pepin primary Worlds Location!

I just heard on the worlds hotline that Lake Pepin is the current primary location for the Worlds/NA's!! yipee say the mn/wi iceboaters.. but the weather forecast is for bitter cold on friday, saturday, but the racing doesn't start to sunday and it's supposed to be warming up by then.

Any idea when ad where the fu

Any idea when ad where the full results will be posted?


I think they will be posted by john davenport on the idniyra bbs. He'll post them as soon as he verifies all the race finishes and gets a bit of time. He'll probably post them later Monday night, but i'm only speculating.

Great regatta! Thanks to e

Great regatta!

Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.


Geoff Sobering

Some photos...

I've started to get some of the photos I took last weekend uploaded.
Here are the first four:

A couple of action shots:
Pete Johns Pete Johns
Mark Isabell Mark Isabell

A couple of gear shots:
Pete Johns' Riser Block Pete Johns' riser-block
Interesting Tiller Tiller


Geoff S.

those are cool

I swear to god i'm going to break out my camera at the next regatta and actually post a couple of pics.

I added a gallery for the 2005 western regionals.

upload away...