Iceboating on North Bay of Pelican Lake, Ashby MN.

Four DN's sailed 9 races Sunday on the north bay of Pelican Lake, Ashby MN, (that would be turn right at the first paved road after the Coot. The ice was characterized by consensus as "About a 10".

Sailors: 602, 4691, 4695,4824

Ice thickness was observed to be in the majority of this bay to be 4-6"... having said that, there were 6-8 former "duck holes" in the sailing area in the 2 - 2 1/2 inch thickness range (and optically clear)

picture of launch site.
Asby, Mn launch site

I wonder what's up this weekend?

anybody know if the ice is still good at Pelican Lake?

Nov 9 Sailing

Absolutely a 10! Thanks to Mark and Tom for getting the word out. Everyone else, remember to post conditions if you have them. More ice checkers means more sailing! See you on the ice.

JD US4691