Minnesota Ice Conditions

Minnetonka is mostly frozen. The ice is variable in thckness more than normal. Please check areas that you are planning to sail very carefuly.

Spring Park looks sailable with some snow on the ice. Lafayette bay has less snow. Main lake is not safe.

spring park has many fishers

Ice fishermen on middle of spring park last 4 days....

Go Icesurf!

Go Icesurf! Snazzy!

friday pm, sat : tonka bay/narrows/lafayette bay for sailing

only has 1/4" of frost snow. if someone is brave, can check out main lake for sunday. lauch friday at park by tonka bay marina, hwy 19 to tonka bay rd to left on west pt rd to park.

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Minnesota Ice Conditions

I expect by 7:00 pm thursday we'll post a preferred sailing area and launch information for this weekend.

Currently several bays on Minnetonka show great promise, the main lower lake sailing area is reportedly frozen but is doubtful as a suitable site.

Several sailors have indicated they'll be sailing Friday as well.

Think Ice


Calhoun is also now fully

Calhoun is also now fully frozen as of this morning.

Where's eveyone going this weekend?