possible ice pepin for 12-30 thru 1-2-06

didn' get any snow, trying to get markham to check it out today (friday) for thickness as not safe in lacrosse with holes. anyone else can check it out? bring rain coats, angles and fat sails, sorry rob, markham doesn't have yours done yet. tom meyer

1-7 Looks like we have good

1-7 Looks like we have good ice. 80% clear at Pepin with some frozen 1/2" snow. Fishermen report 8"-10" of ice. Landing at Pepin is pretty good. DNs were out yesterday. Got to go....my skeeter is calling!

Pepin 1-7

will we be sailing this weekend ? i feel the pull of the pickle factory and need to satisfy the urge. ed , bob , send out the word! thanks,sternsteer.

Lake Pepin Ice

We had pretty good rain on Sunday night and Monday. The ice at Pepin is smooth but still pretty soft with 1" to 2" of slush. We have 3 stern-steers, a couple of DNs and a skeeter on at Pepin, but no one got any sailing on Monday.
Will keep you posted.

new years ice

is there any chance to sail pepin? sternsteer