Weekend Report Lake Pepin

Ice on Lake Pepin was about 90% clear at Pepin. Fishermen report 6" of ice at the lower (Pepin) end of the Lake. Ice was firm with no noticable cracks but little on the rough side, especially for the DN's. Iceboater should use caution since there is still a lot of open water above Stockholm/Lake City.

We had about 9 boats sailing out of Pepin on Saturday with realy light winds. Sunday we had steady winds until 2:00 when it pretty much died. 8-9 boats sailing. Great time.

My thanks to the crew who helped get the mast up on the Rum Runner on Saturday.


pepin weekend

setting up sternsteerer friday and hoping ice sets up and wind blows !!possible visit by two sternsteerers from the south if conditions warrant. Clint and Country Woman is there a chance you'd set up atpepin for the weekend or until the WSSA's ? hope to see you this weekend and there will be plenty of help on the ice ! looking forward to seeing Flirt and Little Wind. drive safe, stern steer.