Racing - Lake Pepin, Lake City, Sunday Jan 22

Ten Minnnesota Ice Sailing Assn DN's Sailed on Lake Pepin yesterday, Sunday. We sailed ten or so races, legs might have been two miles long, certainly long enough.

The 10 mph, g 18, wind gave some very good rides, Yee Haa!, 4691 of course was fast, 4811 and 5214 showed some moments of speed. The ~ 1" of snow had blown around a bit, big dividends were earned by the guys who's snow program's were working well, althought there was a mix of runners used, Skiny Inserts, Blunts and Snow Plates. The 50% snow cover was noticible when sailing, and it rewarded keeping the boat very hot.

There were a couple of emerging hazards, one compelled the relocation of the marks, With the size of the sailing area we didn't have any trouble just moving a 1/4 mile.

We sailed the plate just south of Lake City, Launched from a pretty and certainly ample good park/launch facility. Just south of the next crack, is a very large sheet of ice.

All in all, an excellent day of sailing in one of the most scenic iceboating venues. More ice than we could ask for, Plenty of breeze, nearly epic. :)

Pretty good forecast for the week, there's a very good chance this will be sailable next weekend.


Pepin 1/29 ??

Is anybody looking at the Pepin ice today?

pepin ice

We did our trip to Pepin to see the end of the Pittsburg/Denver game. The Ice to the south of Sunday's sailing area was better. About 80% clear with some 1'' drifts and a few 3'' drifts. No cracks until we arrived at the Pepin Harbor. JD US4691

JD US4691