Minnetonka Saturday Jan 29 Report

Nine DN's sailed the main lower lake saturday, the warm temps left the ice a little soft, ice is pretty smooth, no noticed hazards. I suspect a number of other local lakes have also come around to good-very good iceboating sites.

We sailed 4 or 5 races, 100 degree angles were the superior runner, but I suspect fat T's or any other 100 degree system would have been in the hunt.

There's about a foot of ice in most areas,

Some guys will be sailing today as well.

Think ice


Sunday Jan 29 report for Tonka

Tim and I decided to go out in the slush and drizzle. We had to push most of the way out of our launching area in Gideon Bay but were rewarded with a solid 9 to 11 knots of breeze once clear of the bay. We ripped around the main lake for a couple hours. It was pretty lonely out there until a big skeeter and a few smaller iceboats saw us and came out to play. We both wore full foul weather gear, yes it was very wet. Great fun... totally worth it. Once again, no hazards to be found. You could go wherever you wanted to.

I'm surprised we were the

I'm surprised we were the only ones out there. Truly a great day for sailing. The ice wasn't that bad, just a little spray. Need to get wipers on my goggles.

DN 5050

DN 5050