Ice Report - Spring Park Bay, Lake Minnetonka> Starting Saturday 1100

US 4824 made an inspection this morning, report taken by phone.

The bay was completely frozen Monday Morning. He bored several holes all were 4"+ in thickness, clear ice.

Out in the main bay it's like glass.

Caution: this bay is unsailed, has a pressure ridge which customarily develops and has gotten people wet in the past.

Sailing beginning 1100 Saturday Dec 9. Primary Launch Site, Spring Park Public Landing. Spring Park Bay Launch Site Map

Alternate site, 4824's Mom's place where several boats can be parked overnight, note it's a schlep to the ice from the road there.

That is all

Think ice!


Spring Park Ice

I am set up on spring park bay and have just got back in off the ice.
It is between 6"and 8" thick. I have the bouys and will be checking the rest of the bay and setting a course up shortly.
Should be an Epic day of sailing.

Where you all going?!

Someone make the call. Spring Park Bay or Cottagwood?


SP. Bay

OK, I'll go there, if only 'cause I can find it! see you there.


spring park sailors

think magic ice,that's what it is!


spring park

Spring Park
5298, 5500

Spring Park

It's only 4 minutes from my house, so I vote the 10+ black ice of Spring Park. May even get Brigham out? Plus with a SW breeze, perfect angle to sail in/out. I will be there at 10:30.
Mike 5369
Is JD bringing the marks?

Mike Miller

Excelsior Bay

US 2452 indicated he's setting up in the Cottagewood FireLanes...

Waahooo,,,, can't wait.

Waahooo,,,, can't wait. Who's bringing the coffee & Baileys

See you there, should be

See you there, should be great!

US 4975

saturday dec. 09

15 to 18 /DNs sailed spring park bay of lake ... Minnetonka today,

there simply are not superlatives....

50 F
8" optically clear ice
5-10 mph S / SW

It don't get much better...
Girly Mike, KA 1 showed impressive rookie speed>
4824, the doctor, was relly fast!

Repeat process tomorrow, 10:00