Minnesota Ice, Week 3

Today's Forecast: Mostly sunny, with a high near 49. South southwest wind around 10 mph....

4" + optically clear ice... and a lot of it.

On Thursday's drive south from Fergus Falls, every lake from Lake Christina to Lake Minnetonka is almost perfect...or better.

At least two groups plan to sail, (upper and lower mtka) The only bad decision you could make today is not to sail.

If you're sailing this weekend, check in, post a report; how many sailed, where, how was it. We will need options for next weekend.

4695 the icemaker

Saturday, Sunset, upper mtka

Glass ice,

50 F

S SW 3- 8 mph

Sailed out to see one of the aussie icesailors (one of three) on the course and cruised back in the setting sun in a ghost of a breeze, 2 - 5 mph with just one 7-8 puff... probably ripping in at 20 mph to the boat park...

if you left your dn on the trailer today....

you might still find some magic tomorrow...