Week 8 - Great Ice Sailing... Again

Iceboats are known to be set up at Spring Park Bay, Lake Minnetonka, also at Shorewood YC, Excelsior Bay, Minnetonka; on White Bear lake; on Bald Eagle Lake; Lake Waconia; ans Lake Riley.

Saturday: Several DN's are planning to set up in Spring Park Bay with starts at 1100, presumably other active lakes will be sailing at similar times. Sailing Anarchy Covers Minnesota Ice Sailing! A Drive by at 11:00 showed two boats set up, one DN out pushing, No Wind! ugh, LOWER MINNETONKA APPEARS SUBSTANTIALLY FROZEN, look forward to Iceboats sailing on the main lower lake in Week 9 of Minnesota Ice Sailing!

Sunday: 11:00 Start Promptly; Spring Park Bay, 1st boat setup should set the Weather Mark! Nite's will be sharing a course with DN's... This it the first time we've seen these "comfort" rides line up in a couple seasons, we'll work to maximize your Nite Sailing!. Would 7 rips a fleet be too much? Sharpen up those runners.

As always, Sailors of all abilities are welcome on Minnesota Sailing Ice!

Shorewood gang

The group set up at Shorewood Yacht Club had 3 Nites 1 DN and a Skeeter on thier way to see you guys in Spring Park. We were going to drop rigs if nessisary and push through the Narrows, but could not cross the pressure ridge between Echo and Lafayette bays. Sounds like it would have been fun. We had great sailing on Lower lake anyway.

Thanks for the effort

Glad to hear you gave it a shot. We had a small turnout, but it was refreshing to see that Nites are able to line up and turn left.

Of note, crossing under the Narrows Bridge will dull your runners. The grit from the road above makes the ice below act like sandpaper.

Be careful going under the

Be careful going under the bridges, because you'll really dull your runners from all the road salt & grim that is on the ice. It's best to pull the runners off and drag the boat on it's chocks. Of course, that might be a little touch w/ a Nite, but it's been done w/ the DN.

Riley ice hosts vistors

At least half a dozen visiting DNs joined the regulars on Lake Riley Sunday. In addition to the DNs were a couple of Nites, an Iceflyer a Kite and a windsurf rig. Light breezes in the late AM built to 10+mph in the afternoon, allowing some scrub racing and good cruising. 3 inches of new snow so far this evening and more coming down. It's time to travel or catch up on neglected projects around here...

John Bushey

John Bushey

DN's sail again

Spring Park hosted the social scene of at least 10 DN's, a couple cruisers, 5 Nites and 4 windsurf rigs in building to 15MPH breeze on Sunday. I raced in 3-4 scrub races and again JD dominated the course with his #2 hull and parts!
He was helpful to all of us with tuning and a few pointers of positions to lay in hull. We are always learning from the master. Thanks JD!
I was at least close to him on this day. What a difference in boat speed with good parts. It is now snowing so the end of clean ice is near. What an unbelievable run of 7 weeks on Minnetonka ice.
Mike #5369

Mike Miller

Fun time with everyone

Fun time with everyone yesterday. Strange ice. The ice has waves in it, so you boat felt like it was bouncing up and down. Sort of like riding a roller coaster. Still better then sitting on the couch.

Wind speeds Sat.

At 8AM on Mtka, temp +2 F and North wind at about 3-5. Forecast is even worse, so don't expect much of a sailing day. Sunday's forecast sounds better.

Mike Miller

Forecast schmorecast

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!" Wayne Gretzke legendary Canadian Ice Guy.

The only reason they forecast the weather is to lend some legitimacy to astrology! - 4695