Area Ice Conditions, Buffalo, Waconia

This mornings little drive:

Pulaski Lake, Buffalo MN is substantially clear of snow with rumbly spring ice covering most of the lake, it's the darkest looking of the three lakes I observed. Dry feet access at the Park for now,

Buffalo Lake, Buffalo, Access is wet, ice is 10 - 20 ft from shore, there's still a lot of snow on Buffalo, least possible here.

Lake Waconia at the NE Public Access was dry feet access, a lot more snow / slush remaining on the surface of Waconia than on Pulaski.

My assessment: Waconia and Pulaski are both candidates, as Pulaski looks best to me I propose to sail that tomorrow morning. But based on what I observed today, we can hold a regatta this weekend.

Both Buffalo and Waconia MN have nearby lodging.


waconia sailing thurs

jimmy and i are sailing it thurs 10am to call ken smith with report. if too melted by fri pm, could move to mille lacs as back up plan

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