Ice Report, Pulaski Lake, Buffalo, MN

At 1000 local time Pulaski Lake, Buffalo MN is in excellent spring sailing condition.

There is 18" of very nice clear ice, with a topping of about 1.5" of fractured crystal/rumbly ice.

There was no wind, hence I did not sail. Photos to follow.



602 report

602 reports after a lengthy walk around on lake waconia that there seem to be a few more drain holes than he'd care to send anybody else out on.

He may check Pulaski for a second opinion. It's right up the road.

please note: while I ain't suggesting its a regatta venue, Minnetonka is looking fantastic.

On that subject...

I kited Calhoun again last night (Wed). No hazards and a 18-20" of ice. Rumbly.

I see the regatta is OFF so have at it...


Uptown unless the stern steerers are sailing tonka?

That was so fun last Sunday, I'm thinking about another trip to Uptown. How was access there?


It is the same as last weekend.... in, "walk-on access" from the lot 20 feet away.