sailing on minnetonka, fri thru monday

walked out on tonka bay, looks great, no holes like waconia, out of harrys, bring plank to get on. as always be careful till fully checked out. tooo bad can't have regatta on tonka because we can sail all this weekend and maybe next. i'm blaming the democrats for toooooo much lake regulation. we need to get a winter permit for regattas, anyone know how do get it done? sail mille lacs on easter, fisherman today said 20" of ice, 1 week behind here. think it will be too rough there sat after freezing fri pm, could have sailed it today and fri. didn't want to have people drive that far for marginal ice. and pulaski too small and stuff on it for that long of a drive for them? maybe? anyways, maybe not to rough mille lacs sat but wouldn't know till then. jimmy wants to sail fri. anyone else? call me or him. markham coming up for sat and wants someone to beat, DR. thinks i'm a pushover. tom meyer

As good as it gets...

over 50 f, and a couple gusts over 25, every sailor on the lake had the chance to go much faster than they really wanted to go. :)

Sunday and Monday outlook

Early risers were rewarded handsomely with some great early breezes and 35mph boat-speeds recorded. The highest recorded speed for the weekend was 55mph.

Then the breeze dropped off, the grille and coolers came out, and we discovered that "one" of the IceBoat dogs has an insatiable appetite for raw, organic bratwurst.

5366 is hoping the culprit's owner has irrefutable biological evidence of the crime all over their kitchen floor right about now.

Four of 5 DNs remain set up in Cottagewood with a plan of playing a little hookey this afternoon, forecast 55 degrees and 8-11 mph...

There is a crack that has opened between Cottagewood and Excelsior, be aware, spring ice can bite.


Monday sailing

I hear there are 6 boats sailing on Tonka out of Harry's.
The shore ice is holding well and we have 15MPH of wind. The possibilities sound so good, I am heading out now at noon. Who knows how long it will last!!!

Great Day!

Monday was the best!

We had nice wind and the ice smoothed out. The 1/4" runners were flying!

We all backed up (I think).. the shoreline was starting to fall apart.

It was great to end this funny season with a fun, windy, sunny day flying a runner all the way down the lake.

two or three boats remain on the ice

today might happen as well,

I think Billy Harry and I hall have boats remaining...

I'm taking another if it's there...


Sailing this Weekend

Is anybody thinking of heading North this Weekend,Mill Lacs,Gull Lake ,Thunder Bay...?

Great Forecast

It looks we'll still be sailing on Easter Sunday in Minnesota... Minnetonka is holding up great, and will probably be sailed all week, thru next weekend.

The mindset is: If it's still going to be this SWEET tomorrow, I'll come back and sail tomorrow, repeat process....

We may need to go a little north, say Brainerd for the following weekend, depending on the weather.

I'm thinking there might be 30 DNs on Minnetonka today, a little warmer than yesterday, a bit more breeze in the forecast.

Another perfect day on perfect spring ice in Minnesota.

Plates were favored yesterday, but I think angles will prevail this afternoon.


About 20 cars in Cottagewood

Just came from Cottagewood and there are about 20 cars with DN folks plus some kiters. Quite the scene. Nice wind at 6 - 8 mph with shots to 10. Tomorrows forecast is about the same with a touch more breeze (+1 mph) and little warmer. Really nice spring conditions.


Sunday Minnetonka

Boats sailed Saturday from Shorewood Yacht Club and the Cottagewood fire lanes, some say 20,

Gordy Bowers had a six-pack of high school sailors out for a little training and orientation session on the ice, they all seemed to be smiling, and left with some lasting impressions about our sport.

Many of the boats sailing out of Cottagewood remain set up for sailing today.


It was really good....

Some most excellent spring sailing, and a lot of people enjoyed it.

More magic is in store...


Main lake tonka is good

Several of us were kiting on Wednesday night and the ice is great. 20" plus of ice and pretty smooth. The fire alley in Cottagewood is a great launch site and since the cold weather you can get on without getting wet.

Just be considerate of the Allens & Pratt's when you park you vehicle

Good Luck,


Gonna try Lake Minnetonka, attempting launch at the Cottagewood fire lanes... if that's too wet, then the Shorewood Yacht Club has docks, doesn't bubble, and is probably dry feet too. if you don't know how to find it, leave a post.



One DN is set up, others are in route...

We'll make a run at calhoun tomorrow when it's going to be warmer...

What time you headed to

What time you headed to cottagewood? Do we need a plank to get out on the ice.


I suppose 9:30 or 10, and bring one if you have it.

permits can be done -- requires money

I've done the permit thing on Minnetonka. It's a challenge of one's sanity, but it could be done for future years.

The permits -- 17 pages of bureaucratic silliness submitted to the Sheriff and the LMCD, plus a letter from any nearby municipality. Very doable.

It has to be submitted 30+ days in advance. The solution is to submit on application for races scheduled throughout the winter just as the yacht clubs make one application for races throughout the summer. We'd simply cancel the vast majority.

There are also some trained rescue personnel issues. Doable.

So far, easy. Now the harder part:

a) The application costs money. Can't remember, but it's a few hondos.
b) We have to have an insurance policy as stated above. Besides the cost of the premium, we'd need to create some sort of an entity in order for the insurance provider to even consider issuing a policy.

The biggest challenge is finding someone with enough fortitude to stomach the process.


Obtain a permit?

Having been thru the permit process for major iceboating events in major metro markets, e.g. St. Paul, Ramsey County it's possible to obtain a permit...

It's really simple, start today... don't quit.

Of course it might require things that today do not exist, 1,000,000 liability coverage, and a fair amount of needless planning, due to the 30 day minimum application requirement...

You may also need a permit from the LMCD

and from at least one city...