sailing next weekend, anyone for mille lacs road trip?

annual easter regatta on mille lacs, 1 wk earlier this year than last with me, markham and molly. thinking minnetonka may be unsafe? 5 degrees cooler up there all week. markham is up for one more weekend, anyone else? but maybe rain on sat? so maybe one day trip for sunday only, 24 sat night, 47 sunday. just a 2 hr drive up 169, launch site on 169 at hotel and gas station, frontage rd where fishermen get on. meyer

seen forcast?

should go thur and friday, mille lacs. thunder bay over easter for a 3 day event.

ya xxxxx

I could be up for that,it

I could be up for that,it would work out better for myself Sat.
Check out Thunder Bay weather,still lots of ice here.

thunder bay

it might be worth the extra 4.5 hr drive time(one way).

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Thunder Bay?

I just saw a TV news report of the first ship arriving in Duluth from Thunder Bay on Tuesday. I assume an icebreaker was at work in Thunder Bay!!

Yes but only in the Harbor

Yes but only in the Harbor area,the ice is always open between Grand Maria and Duluth.

Just think nice cold

Just think nice cold Canadian Beer and B.Q. at my place.

lucky lager beer?

is there more/better ice in the bay ne of harbor for the regatta? what is ice conditions?

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I would probably not be the

I would probably not be the best judge being a newbe.The weather here is very cold(-15 ) this morning.I have been sailing on a small section of ice out at our camp,which appears to have 10" of ice.

where is your camp?

i take it is smooth? is it soft at 3pm, are you sinking in at all? looks like warming up though next wk.

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