Sailing Thursday

Four DNs are set up on Lake Minnetonka, off Cottagewood fire lanes... there's an excellent forecast for tomorrow. Cool with breeze...

KA 2 and 4695 plan to enjoy the day on the ice, sail fast, and talk about next season's opportunities.

Starting early...


great sailing day today, thurs

ice was safe/solid and hard. looks good for friday. for sat and sun, maybe not cold enough night before. and not much wind. friday might finally be it!!

ya xxxxx

Friday will be EPIC!

Gusting near 30 in the late afternoon,

No doubt, somebody better find some turning marks... you don't want a bunch of people cruising in this forecast breeze.

Saturday is a morning day according to the NWS Forecast, the plan is to have a little Reggae TaTa, as we may not have a Regatta, first start at 10:00 the party will probably start by 2:00, best to bring something to share.

I might be there Sat. at 0700 and have serious wind burn by 9:00

Carpe DN